From the RI members that attended the first special topic conference “Jazz Dance: A History of the Roots and Branches

Keeping alive the “Roots of Jazz History”! Thank you NDEO for an amazing, well planned, diversified gathering of great Talented teachers who are dedicated to pass on the history of the Greatest of American Jazz Legends!

It was a wonderful opportunity to take class from a variety of experienced jazz dance practitioners. I loved the panels and presentations, where jazz dance artists reflected on their own approaches to jazz dance and how they fit into the jazz dance spectrum. It was a perfect balance of doing and reflecting! I also enjoyed the “burning issues” discussions, where we shared with others some of the concerns and opportunities we are encountering in our jobs. It was wonderful to connect with other dance educators from across the country (and to see my RI friends and colleagues!) The conference was very well-organized overall, and the lovely Salve Regina setting was a big plus.

As a teaching artist in both the private dance studio and post-secondary education sectors, NDEO brought our dance community together for an enriching experience which ignited my flame within. The diverse panel all brought something unique with a fresh perspective which fueled conversations, sharing ideas/experiences, and above all support.

The Jazz mini was simply put: wunnerful. Thanks Lindsay for pulling the pieces together and thanks Thom for keeping the pieces pulled together. Please let me know if you want me to elaborate on my comments.

  • Consider the inclusion of West African dance and possibly Appalachian percussive dance.
  • Consider specific topics for group discussion.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Thanks for including me!

Being a student volunteer at the “Jazz Dance: A History of the Roots and Branches” was an opportunity that has impacted my dance career in the best way possible. I left the conference filled with passion and an eagerness to share all the valuable information I learned both in the movement classes as well as in the lectures, panels and discussions. Being able to hear Jazz dance educators and professionals speak and teach opened my eyes to a whole new depth of what I have been learning as a dance minor at Salve Regina University, as well as a member of Extensions Dance Company. The ideas and techniques that were contributed during the conference has motivated me to go seek out new knowledge, develop my own opinions and take more classes both in the classroom and the studio. I feel after this conference that my level of understanding of Jazz dance has been enhanced and I have developed a greater appreciation for the study of Jazz dance as a whole. I am so excited to transfer my enthusiasm into the studio in the fall.

Attending the NDEO’s Jazz Dance: Roots and Branches in Practice conference as a student volunteer was one of the most rewarding and unique experiences I have had as a dancer. It was especially beneficial to me as a student in college. I left after four days feeling inspired, thankful, and eager to learn more. I had the opportunity to take eight classes taught by and with professionals of the jazz dance world. I felt welcomed into this community and was able to have my own style without being judged. Seeing these passionate people pour their hearts into the dancing and discussions made me realize why I love dance so much. The energy brought into these classes is something I will carry with me in my future dance classes. I also had the opportunity to sit in on and be a part of discussions. This furthered my knowledge about jazz dance, and I was able to begin forming my own opinions. While listening, I began to feel thankful for the dance program I am a part of. At some universities, jazz and other styles are not valued as much as others. During my first year of college, I feel like I have learned more about dance and each style than I have in my fourteen years of dancing. I would have never been given this opportunity if it was not for being a part of Salve Regina’s dance program. I left this conference feeling more passionate about what I love to do and inspired to learn more.