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Chance to Dance & COVID-19

Chance to Dance is carefully monitoring the current coronavirus situation and the precautions being put in place by the Governor, the Rhode Island Department of Health, and Rhode Island public schools. As always, our scheduling follows that of public schools; if school is not in session, we cannot hold classes.  While schools are moving to distance learning, our program cannot be easily adapted to an online environment.  We are therefore cancelling classes through April 3, aligning with the move to distance learning as announced on March 18 by the Governor. 

Chance to Dance regrets having to make this decision, but at this time we cannot hold classes due to the Governor’s Executive Order 20-04, which prohibits gatherings of 25 people or more, and the recommendation for social distancing.  The health and well-being of our CTD students, teachers and musicians are our primary concern right now.

Chance to Dance will explore all avenues to continue the 2019-20 program while monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We will keep you updated on a regular basis, and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.