A film about those trying to achieve a goal that seems unattainable.

How can I DO it? I DON’T know if I BELONG? The repeated rejection is so hard to bear! BLACK BALLERINA is a documentary featuring a number of young and not so young students of ballet/dance who long to be able to perform their art and craft to audiences. Their struggle to achieve this applies to many other challenges beyond color to accomplish life’s goals. Dance Alliance of RI will present this documentary to groups for easy borrowing and showing to their students and their associates, (see below)

Picture a dancer who is only 5’ tall or as tall as 6’. Picture a “sturdy” looking person who would like the audience to watch the performance without looking at the actual body type or shape on stage, but how that body embraces the choreography.

Picture a dancer who doesn’t appear as the principal ballerinas have appeared historically in the classical ballet. All those outside the accepted standard lack the opportunity to enrich and develop the art form and fall short of the ability to realize their dreams and potential.

This film gives examples and a window into the personal dedication, physical and emotional toll it takes to fail at realizing this achievement, even if to fail is not to be a failure. These truths apply to not only the dance world, but the documentary also speaks to any career path where a person should not be stopped in pursuing a dream because they don’t fit the prototype.

Studios, public and private schools, and arts organizations will have a chance to borrow the disc to show to their community at no cost. A study guide, presented by Dance Alliance, is part of the offer It will be sent electronically for you to adjust and apply to your special situation.

There will be a fee of $25, during the limited borrowing time, which will only be charged if the film is not returned as scheduled. The opportunity to sign up to borrow the film
happens when you contact Catherine Bodner at 401- 272-6610. You are responsible for picking up and returning the disc. A $25 deposit is required to ensure that we get the disc back within a weeks time.